sobota, 26 lutego 2011

brodka : krzyżówka dnia (TEASER)

Working on a new music clip for BRODKA, Krzyżówka Dnia
from the newest album called Granda.
more soon.

fot. Wojtek Gardaś

środa, 23 lutego 2011

O.S.T.R // album cover


"Jazz, dwa trzy" a new album cover
by Paweł Fabjański /

props & costume: Natalia Mleczak

Backstage stories,
funny memories!

Freak Show
Portrait of me shoot by Magdalena Kmiecik

poniedziałek, 21 lutego 2011

O.S.T.R new album

A new project soon/ costume for O.S.T.R

fot. Pawel Fabjanski /

Steczkowska & Maleńczuk/ Mezalianse

New project comming soon/ part of set design for Steczkowska & Maleńczuk album cover

Blade Runner
/ Marieta Żukowska for K mag

by Robert Ceranowicz/

stylist: Elwira Rutkowska
hair & make up: Aga Hodowana
set design: Natalia Mleczak

Exklusiv magazine

A personal project called "Utracenie" for new fashion designer Maldoror by Adam Plucinski

style: Ola Kintop & Maldoror

hair: Emil Zed

make up: Aga Hodowana

set design: Natalia Mleczak

Gosia Baczyńska SS/11 fashion show

stylist: Andrzej Sobolewski
hair: Kacper Raczkowski
set design: Natalia Mleczak

De La Garza

New FW 2010 - 11 campaign for De La Garza
by Marcin Kempski / I LIKE PHOTO GROU
Model: Filip G/ Panda Models
Make up & hair: Aneta Kostrzewa /
Set Design: Natalia Mleczak

Still life

Gaga 12*
winter issue by Wojtek Gardaś
set&style: Natalia Mleczak

Meblościanka / Wall unit set
Natalia Kacper Mleczak & Michal Grochowiak

The design was based on the original wall unit set, originated in the 1980s, which was placed in the forest to give it back to nature. First, however, the old wall unit set had to be specially adjusted so that it could make a new home for forest animals. The furniture item was provided with hollows, tunnels, bird tables, holes and branches for birds. After being transported to the woods, the wall unit set will be monitored. It would be perfect if the nature could accept the transformed furniture and make it an integral part of the surroundings

Cat Walk
SHE/s A RIOT fashion show

stylist & production: Ewelina Kustra
show concept & set design: Natalia Kacper Mleczak

sobota, 12 lutego 2011

Aktivist crew shoot by Pawel Fabjanski/
Set & Props: Natalia Mleczak