sobota, 12 lutego 2011

BRODKA / W pieciu smakach
music clip

Whole concept of the video bases on specificity of the place that have just disappeared from the map of Warsaw yelding to new archictectural structures.

So called "Fair Europe" was a hudge market filled with hundreds of self made stalls hiding mostly cheap clothing. This area was also famous for tiny bars dishing Vietnamese cousine (since there was large population of Vietnemese immigrants working at the market).

Brodka's song is about a peculiar custom that was alive until the very last days of market's existence. People frequented Vietnamese bars hidden in the labyrinth of looking alike lanes to finish all night party with the famous pho soup. The video shows this habit twisted by imperfect memory of the place already being mythologized.
All the materials incorporated into Brodka's costume (trainers, textiles, chopsticks, bags, etc) were essentials for the market

script, direction, edit, postproduction: Kijek/Adamski

stylist: Andrzej Sobolewski, Elwira Rutkowska

d.o.p.: Tomasz Nowak

set design: Natalia Mleczak

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